Branding means a lot, if not everything, to how others see your business.
Especially in this increasingly competitive market.
Building a brand is a journey of self-discovery. It is difficult and time-consuming.
With good strategies, planning and communications, come walk with us down the road to many, many happy customers of yours.

cha mak logo

Client: Cha Mak
Project: Branding
Purpose: Logo Design & Brand Identity

Client: Bof
Project: Rebranding in 2016
Purpose: Rebranding, Brand Identity & Marketing

Dare2Hair Logo Design

Client: Bof
Project: Dare2Hair Branding
Purpose: Logo Design and Various Marketing Materials

Client: Fresh Zone HK (
Project: Brand Launch in 2015
Purpose: Branding, Brand Identity & Marketing

Client: HKAoD
Project: deTour 2012
Purpose: Branding, Marketing & Event Production